The McDougle Bowl



The McDougle Bowl mission is to collaborate with the community to provide enrichment activities for deserving kids, while creating a safe environment for children to interact and learn. Our secondary mission is to share the importance of education, academic success, social growth, and building strong characters.

McDougle Family Foundation

The McDougle Bowl is a youth enrichment community program that combines athletics, character building activities, and exceptional learning experiences, while engaging in social and recreational opportunities.

The two McDougle brothers, Stockar & Jerome, have embarked on a lifelong commitment to bringing together two communities and cities stressing the importance of education for children. It has been a tremendous honor and privilege for the The McDougle Family Foundation to help our kids in the community develop the fundamental skills that will help them have successful lives.

We urge all community members to participate, encourage and support the McDougle Bowl with donations, giving your time and supporting every youth that participates. The community and the McDougle Bowl can work together to deliver the foundation and message to our youth about the importance of a positive attitude, strong character development, and fair and good sportsmanship.

Together, as a village we can raise a child, build character, and provide unconditional support towards their journey from children to young adults.

We encourage everyone to donate and support the youth of our communites. They deserve our time, support and encouragement as they navigate through life. What we do now can make a difference for decades as we impact the lives of these youth. Your generosity of time, funds, and participation will surely alter and improve the lives of our precious youth.

Thank you

The McDougle Family Foundation