We Coach, We Mentor, and We Change lives.

Our Mission

To build a team of role models and mentors that will bring stability to today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders by tutoring, mentoring and encouraging our youth to stay focused on their health, social skills and academics, while exposing them to appropriate career paths, higher education and healthy lifestyles.

About Us

The McDougle Family Foundation started from the vision of two brothers, Stockar & Jerome McDougle, who are retired NFL players and played at rival high schools – Deerfield Beach High and Ely High. Both Stockar & Jerome attended college and became first round draft picks into the NFL. After looking back over their school careers, both realized that there is a missing link in the guidance of our nation’s youth. Many youth, especially athletes, leave school with little education and find themselves lacking the skills needed to succeed in life after the NFL. The McDougle Family Foundation wants to equip youth with tools and strategic strategies to continue to be successful after high school, college, the NFL, the NBA, etc. We provide mentoring, coaching and training for today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Programs


There is more to life than playing sports. Although athletics offers many benefits that can last a lifetime, there is more to accomplish in life. Character development, financial literacy, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles and academics play an even greater role in a student’s life. Mentors impact a student athlete’s life and aid them in becoming a well-rounded person. A student athlete’s value is greater than their jersey.

The McDougle Bowl

The Mcdougle Bowl is a youth enrichment community program that combines athletics, character building activities, and exceptional learning experiences, while engaging in social and recreational opportunities.

First, Take it 2 The Field

The McDougle Family Foundation organization is dedicated to delivering the tools needed for today’s youth for the purposes of equipping them for success and helping them to understand the importance of academics. We Coach, We Mentor and We change Lives. Many aspire to become pro athletes and never think about their academics or obesity. Unfortunately, according to the NCAA, the reality is that there is only a 3.4% chance a high school basketball player will make it to play college basketball and only 1.2% will make it to the NBA. Where does that leave high school players? The devastating truth is that many of these kids sacrificed their education to play, and worse, many come from underprivileged homes. First Take it 2 the Field Program is here to help with character building and obesity among youth. The program will focus on soft skills for little league teams both boys and girls ages 6 to 15 and teach them healthy living strategies and ways to avoid eating at concession stands and vending machines that sell sugary drinks, fatty foods and fatty snacks.

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